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In 1992, a group of law students founded the Hispanic Law Journal (HLJ). Students felt the need for a legal voice among and for Hispanics. In 1997, HLJ became the Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy (THJLP). The new name reflects the Journal's commitment to publishing on issues of public policy as well as our commitment to disseminating information on relevant issues impacting the Hispanic community of Texas and of the nation.

THJLP publishes articles on a variety of issues, including without limitation, freedom of speech, affirmative action, immigration, voting, hate crimes, criminal procedure, the death penalty, discrimination, education, employment and labor law, NAFTA, communications, AIDS, law practice and other professions, the environment, international trade, Mexican law, taxation, health care, and business. Further, THJLP publishes a biographical article on a prominent Hispanic who has contributed to the advancement and enhancement of the Hispanic community and of the nation through their acts as professionals and as social community leaders. In addition, THJLP solicits art work such as paintings, pictures, murals, or drawings that will be the cover image or inside art of a particular published volume.

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