Texas Hispanic Journal of Law & Policy

Volume 9, Fall 2003

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Cecilia Olivarez

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John Zepeda
Managing Editor

Merillat Frost
Chief Articles & Notes Editor

Luis Figueroa
Public Relations and Solicitations Director

Elizabeth Molina
Operations Editor

James Bischoff
Gilbert Castro
Courtney Key
Stephanie Townsend-Allala
Marlon Valladares

Associate Editors

Laura Garcia
Senior Policy Editor


Angelica Alfaro
Manuel Arambula
Susana Carbajal
Veronica Carbajal
Darrick Eugene
Melissa Glaze
Jamie Morales
Daniel Ortiz
Chako Perez
Emily Pruder
Linda Lujan Reister
Carlos Rodriguez
Angie Saenz
Jason Stuart
Hector Valle
Yasmin Yavar

Of Staff

Thomas Breen
George Bush
Tino Gallegos
Donato Ramos, Jr.